Save Energy

Save Energy…

 You will soon come to realize that with me, words may not always mean what you think. The title for this week does not refer to how to make your home more energy efficient. Oh no, bebe! I am going to school you on how to make your own self more energy efficient…as in, stop wasting it.

 How many times have you been engaged in conversation with someone only to see their eyes glaze over? Or worse yet…you watch their eyes and heads drop to focus on whatever techno brain drain device of choice they have in their hands.

 I’ve learned there are many ways to respond to this behavior and have found what works for me. My dad used to ask me if he needed to get my attention. It was usually accompanied with a thump to the head. He was old school. Of course my mom, like most others, somehow could make you feel guilty for not paying attention when she asked us, “What did I say?”

 The one I loathe the most is what I call the whiny lover…”Are you even listening to meeee?” Ack.  Or we all know the standard good friend/sibling response of, “You’re such an idiot.”  That makes me feel as lovely as when my teenagers would respond to everything I said with an unemotional whatever…the verbal form of flipping me off.

 My best formula to conserve energy? I shut up. Yep, that’s it…stop talking, disengage and keep on groovin’ with what I am doin’. Give it a try. If whomever you were attempting to share with chooses to re-engage in the conversation…remember, now it’s your choice. You can just let it go and say it was nothing. However, remember if you respond with this or something like it you can’t bring it up and bitch about it later. The best thing is to just move forward. Why?

 Well, if you feed into being ignored that’s just a special sense of stupid to me. Please value yourself more, darling! Also if you keep yapping your trap and know no one is tuned in? Bebe, you’re only talking to hear yourself speak…You're so vain!

 Besides, why would you want to share a precious piece of yourself with a silent audience uninterested at the moment, for whatever reason? Save that energy! Also please don’t point fingers when this happens, for your own good as well as theirs. It often leads to one of you being hurt or angry… and that’s never good.

 Just in case you have forgotten, here is a wonderful read on the art of conversation. It comes from a groovy place on the web at The Art of Manliness. I sometimes think we have become so tuned in with technology; we often misplace the fundamentals which make us human…as well as those things we adore about each other! They get lost. Don’t let them! They are what make life memorable…the connections and conversations with others. Not any connection we have to technology. Tune in to each other, folks!

 Take care of you,




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